Andrew Kay - Go player

Victory against Hong Kong at the 6th KPMC (photo by Rory Wales)

I have been playing Go since 2006. I learned to play thanks to many helpful players on the KGS Go Server, and have visited Beijing, China on three Go study trips. I was President of the Cambridge University Go Society in 2007 and 2009. I am grateful to my teachers, including Jeff Chang, Peter Liu, Jack Jin, Ben Hu and Guo Juan.

Some highlights of my Go career:

I have been awarded the amateur grade of 5 dan by the British Go Association. You can view my European rating graph, and my KGS rating graph.

Some years ago, I was quite active in tournaments and recorded all of my games. Here are those records and some other materials, in SGF format, for those interested in such things.

Challengers' League, 2014

vs. Kiyohiko Tanaka, vs. Boris Mitrovic, vs. Alex Kent, vs. Alistair Wall, vs. Harry Fearnley, vs. Des Cann, vs. Alex Rix (position: 1/8)

Candidates' League, 2014

vs. Bruno Poltronieri, vs. Des Cann, vs. Sandy Taylor, vs. Bei Ge, vs. Alan Thornton, vs. Boris Mitrovic (position: 2/24)

British Championship, 2013

Title match vs. Andrew Simons, Round 1, Round 2 (position: 1/2)

43rd WAGC, 2013

vs. Choi Hyunjae (Korea), vs. Bertan Bilen (Turkey), vs. John Daniel Walch (Switzerland), vs. David Wu (New Zealand), vs. Sebastian Mualim (Indonesia), vs. Ofer Zivony (Israel), vs. Charlie Akerblom (Sweden), vs. Janez Janza (Slovenia) (position: 24/56)

EGC Main, 2013

vs. Kim Wontae, vs. Kim Wonki, vs. Gyorgy Csizmadia, vs. Leszek Soldan, vs. Matti Siivola, vs. Juho Heikkinen, vs. Cezary Czernecki, vs. Ondrej Kruml, vs. Stefan Kaitschick, vs. Patrick Saering (position: 58/594)

Challengers' League, 2013

vs. Francis Roads, vs. Des Cann, vs. Boris Mitrovic, vs. Andrew Simons, vs. Alex Rix, vs. Alex Kent, vs. Tim Hunt (position: 1/8)

Candidates' League, 2013

vs. Mark Zhang, vs. Richard Hunter, vs. Francis Roads, vs. Des Cann, vs. Tim Hunt, vs. Andrew Simons (position: 1/23)

British Open, 2013

vs. Toby Manning, vs. Yuanbo Zhang, vs. Paul Taylor, vs. Christian Scarff, vs. Jon Diamond, vs. Zebin Du (position: 3/67)

Varsity Match, 2013

vs. Yu Tao, vs. Li Lipei

Oxford, 2013

vs. Toby Manning, vs. Di Wu, vs. Li Shen (position: 2/92)

LOGC, 2012

vs. Francis Roads, vs. Michael Webster, vs. Rongrong Zhang, vs. Vit Brunner, vs. Kim Ouweleen, vs. Lukas Kramer, vs. Volkmar Liebscher (position: 9/103)

British Championship, 2012

Title match vs. Nick Krempel, Round 1, Round 2 (position: 1/2)

Durham, 2012

vs. Rich Bentley, vs. Boris Mitrovic, vs. Matt Crosby (position: 1/19)

Challengers' League, 2012

vs. Nick Krempel, vs. Dave Ward, vs. Des Cann, vs. Francis Roads, vs. Andrew Simons, vs. Felix Wang, vs. Alex Selby (position: 1/8)

Bracknell, 2012

vs. Alan Thornton, vs. Christian Scarff, vs. Tony Atkins (position: 1/26)

Candidates' League, 2012

vs. Andrew Jones, vs. Alex Selby, vs. Henry Manners, vs. Des Cann, vs. Felix Wang, vs. Andrew Simons (position: 1/22)

British Open, 2012

vs. Jonathan Chin, vs. Alex Kent, vs. Jon Diamond, vs. Simon Shiu, vs. Andrew Simons, vs. Malcolm Pang (position: 1/63)

Arundel, 2012

vs. Toby Manning, vs. Paul Tabor, vs. Ian Marsh (position: 3/22)

Welwyn Garden City, 2012

vs. Paul Taylor, vs. Andrew Simons, vs. Alistair Wall (position: 1/22)

London City, 2012

vs. Alex Rix, vs. Paul Taylor, vs. Andrew Simons (position: 1/37)

Maidenhead, 2012

vs. Dave Ward, vs. Bei Ge, vs. Tony Atkins (position: 4/49)

LOGC, 2011

vs. Matt Crosby, vs. Mirko Rupel, vs. Vesa Laatikainen, vs. Matti Siivola, vs. Lingjun Miao, vs. Yunlong Liu, vs. Youngsam Kim (position: 4/119)

Coventry, 2011

vs. Alan Thornton, vs. Tony Atkins, vs. Matthew Macfadyen (position: 1/47)

Three Peaks, 2011

vs. David Phillips, vs. Toby Manning, vs. Baron Allday, vs. Matt Cocke, vs. Dave Ward (position: 1/38)

Wessex, 2011

vs. Jim Clare, vs. Richard Hunter, vs. Yunlong Liu (position: 2/30)

6th KPMC, 2011

vs. Tanguy le Calve (France), vs. Hatime Araki (Morocco), vs. King Yau Anson Ng (Hong Kong), vs. Jing Yang (Canada), vs. Andrej Kralj (Slovenia), vs. Vorawat Charoensitthisathien (Thailand) (position: 22/70)

Durham, 2011

vs. Sandy Taylor, vs. Yuhan Jin, vs. Alex Kent, vs. Alan Thornton, vs. David Philips (position: 1/42)

Challengers' League, 2011

vs. Matthew Macfadyen, vs. Wang Hui, vs. Alan Thornton, vs. Des Cann, vs. Nick Krempel, vs. Alistair Wall, vs. Will Brooks (position: 7/8)

Candidates' League, 2011

vs. Michael Webster, vs. Dave Ward, vs. Alan Thornton, vs. Alistair Wall, vs. Des Cann, vs. Hui Wang (position: 1/28)

British Open, 2011

vs. Paul Christie, vs. Toby Manning, vs. Richard Hunter, vs. T Mark Hall, vs. Chong Han, vs. Alistair Wall (position: 2/48)

Cambridge, 2011

vs. Andres Tallos, vs. Dave Ward, vs. Phil Beck (position: 2/36)

Edinburgh Christmas, "2010"

vs. Piotr Wisthal, vs. Alex Kent, vs. David Lee, vs. Bruno Poltronieri (position: 2/33)

LOGC, 2010

vs. Teemu Rovio, vs. Chong Han, vs. Mikko Lappetelainen, vs. Emeric Lemaire, vs. Tuomo Salo, vs. Wei Wang, vs. Antti Tormanen (position: 5/99)

Experience Go in China, 2010

Here is a zip containing games, reviews, lectures and problems recorded by myself and other participants.

Experience Go in China, 2008

Here is a zip containing games, reviews, lectures and problems recorded by myself.