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Matrix rows are delimited with newlines, and cells within rows are delimited with commas. If your input has no commas, ZarankiewiczDB will try to guess where the cells by looking at the whitespace. This does not always succeed.

Horizontal rules are achieved with a line containing the symbol '-' or, for a double rule, '='. Vertical rules are achieved by cells containing the symbol '|' or, for a double rule, '||'.

'X' and '*' are synonyms for '1'. Empty cells may be indicated by 'O', '0', '.', ':', or the empty string. For $\chi(m,n;~s,t)$ problems, use numbers 1,2,3… to indicate the color. For block problems, either give the expansion, or give the quotient matrix in $\TeX$ format (without $ delimiters), and define the entries in the comment box.

For examples, see the raw-formatted text of matrices already submitted, e.g. Matrix 1.